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 Camera, Light, Render! - The Poser Compendium Part 1

Version: 1.0
Release: 06.03.2010
System: Poser 5+
Renderosity ($ 8.00)

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This tutorial is about the surroundings of a Poser scene: the things that you don't see directly, but that make a big difference on what you see in the rendered image. It is about cameras, lightening, and render settings and how to configure them for realistic images.

The camera is the point of view to look at a scene. The tutorial describes the different types of cameras and how to work with them. This includes positioning a camera and setting the perspective as well as rarely used effects like depth of field and motion blur.

Lighting is one of the most important things in Poser because it affects almost everything in a scene. The tutorial describes the different types of light sources and their parameters. It explains how to set up shadows and special features like ambient occlusion and indirect light. This is followed by several examples for setting up lighting for different kinds of scenes: outdoor, indoor, and studio.

The render chapter explains the various features of the FireFly renderer. It describes how to set the different parameters for high quality in final renders or for speed in test renders.

The tutorial starts by sketching the very scheme of how Poser uses camera, lights, and the objects in the scene to render an image. It ends with a short discussion about technical and general limitations when creating realistic images.

Note: This tutorial is intended for both, beginners as well as experienced users. Because it is a tutorial on a particular topic, it assumes at least a basic understanding of Poser in general. It can be used as a tutorial for learning, but also as a reference guide to get information about a particular issue.


  • Comprehensive tutorial for Poser 7, Poser Pro, Poser 8, and Poser Pro 2010
    (Can be used with Poser 5 and Poser 6 as well, but only partially with Poser Debut)
  • Topics:
    • Scheme of the Poser render engine
    • Cameras: types, parameters, effects
    • Lights: types, parameters, shadows, ambient occlusion, indirect light
    • Lighting a scene: outdoor, indoor, studio
    • Rendering: parameters and features
  • Document:
    • PDF format
    • 34 content pages, 31 images
    • 10 pages appendix with glossary in a separate document

The Poser Compendium

Content (Part 1: Camera, Light, Render!)

How to Read this Tutorial2
1.How an Image Is Rendered4
2.1Camera Types7
2.2Camera Settings7
Aspect Ratio8
Focal Length8
Other Parameters9
2.3Camera Controls10
3.1Light Sources12
3.2Light Colors and Intensity14
3.4Ambient Occlusion21
3.5Indirect Light23
3.6Light Controls24
4.Lighting a Scene26
4.1A Sunny Day26
4.2Setting Up Indirect Light28
4.3A Cloudy Day28
4.4Indoor Lights29
4.5Studio Lighting30
5.1Rendering an Image32
5.2Render Settings33
Render Quality33
Render Quantity34
Render Options35
Gamma Correction36
6.Realistic Images37

Content (Appendix)

Technical Terms1
File Extensions7
Technical History9
BRecommended Tools9
Python Scripts9
Python Scripts for Poser 89
Stand-Alone Windows Tools10

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