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Compatibility Information for Poser Tools

Poser 11 and Poser 11 Pro

I'm working on updates for my tools and scripts to work with Poser 11 that will be released shortly. Most of them will still work as they are, but will not support new features. Also, there are some caveats.

  • Features based on parameter dependencies may not work (valueOp includes an additional line strength in Poser 11).
  • New prop types (measurement, handle) are not recognized.
  • Material features may not work (Poser 11 has new and multiple root nodes for materials).
  • Material scripts may only work if PoserSurface is still the first node in a material.
  • Materials created by scripts may only work with FireFly renderer.

Poser 10 and Pro 2014

Poser Tools

All my tools for Poser have been updated and will work with Poser 10 and Pro 2014.

The updates will be available as download from the store where you purchased the tool. (See the product update page for information where to find product updates in each store.) (If you purchased a tool at PoserPros or you can't get an update from the store, send me an e-mail with your order information to get the update.)

Poser Python Scripts

All Poser Python scripts for Poser 9 will also work in Poser 10 / Pro 2014. (And TKinter scripts will still not work on Mac.) There will be no updates at the moment.

Please note that some new features like compound nodes (XS) and partiatial materials (XL) are not supported because they are not accessible from Poser Python.

Poser 9 and Pro 2012

PX and all commercial Python scripts have been updated for compatibility with Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012.

Because of technical problems in the TK interface, Python scripts based on the TKinter GUI interface will not run in Poser 9 and Pro 2012 on Mac.

Unlike Poser 9, my Poser tools currently do not support Unicode characters in file or folder names. Only PX and Python scripts will work with Unicode.

Poser Debut

Poser Debut is a limited version of Poser 8. It does not support Poser Python officially, nonetheless it's possible to run Python scripts. All you need is a way to start the scripts, which may be done from XA after including XA in the start up script of Poser Debut.

Poser Pro 2010

Poser Tools: Most Poser tools will still work with Poser Pro 2010. For PX, a free update has been released.

Python: All D3D Poser Python scripts still work on Poser Pro 2010 (32bit and 64bit). This includes all scripts that require Poser 8. For older scripts, use the Poser 7 version.

Poser 8 SR3

There is a problem with the Python method that loads figures. In many cases, cross-talk will no longer work for conformed figures. Affected are all Python scripts that can load content: XL, XA, PX, and Quick Access. There are two options: 1. Use Poser 8 SR2. 2. Use the feature to copy morph settings when loading a conforming figure and/or use the Copy Morphs script.

Poser 8

Poser Tools: All Poser tools have been updated to work with Poser 8. If you purchased one of the tools at Renderosity, the updates will be available for download there. If you purchased one of the updated products at PoserPros or Content Paradise, please contact me with your user name from that store to receive the update for free.

Python: All D3D Poser Python scripts still work on Poser 8. Use the Poser 7 version.

Poser Pro

I don't own Poser Pro myself, but as far as I know all Poser tools and Poser Python scripts will work with Poser Pro as well.

Poser 7 SR3

PX: With SR3, Poser 7 uses different file type identifiers in the Windows registry. Due to this, PX will be no longer available on the Windows Exporer context menu after installing SR3. To get PX working as before, run PX Configuration. In the File Types tab, select all types which no longer have a green check mark in the second row, optionally enter the type names you want to be used, and press Apply. This will restore all PX settings to the state before installing SR3, you don't need any other re-configuration for PX.

Python: On Windows, Poser 7 SR3 now uses TKinter 8.4 for Python. All scripts are still working, but there may be small differences in the layout.

Windows Compatibility

All Poser tools work for all versions of Windows, starting with Windows 95 up to Windows 7, except if stated otherwise in the system requirements. All Poser tools are 32bit applications, but also work on 64bit Windows.

Windows Tools on Mac OS and Linux

Several customers reported that they were able to run my Windows tools on Mac OS or Linux in a Windows emulation like Wine for Unix or WineBottler for Mac. Because the tools are stand-alone tools, they only require access to the file system, but not that Poser is installed or running in the emulation as well.

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