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 Tool Collection for Poser

Version: 1.64
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 16.00)
Manual (pdf, 211 KB)

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The Tool Collection for Poser is a set of several small tools to facilitate your work with Poser. You can use these tools to perform tasks that you can not do within Poser or only can do with some more work. All tools are rather simple to make them easy to use even for the lesser experienced Poser user.

Included tools:

  1. File References lists all references to external files in a Poser file. You can test whether the referred files exist, (auto)correct the references, and change their format. You can replace a reference by another file or remove it. With pattern replace, you can change several references at once.
  2. Alternate Geometries is an editor to create, modify, or delete alternate geometries.
  3. Convert to Pose converts a Poser file to any kind of pose. Easily create full and partial poses, hands, faces, morph poses, material poses, and material collections. Deceide yourself which actors and parameters to include and which not.
  4. With Cross Talk, you can fix unwanted and control wanted cross talking between dials of Poser figures. Assign dials to the figure itself, to the figure it is conformed to, or to any other figure. Auto-assign all dials at once or edit the complete list of dials in detail.
  5. Inject Morph Scripts adds all needed scripts into a morph pose to inject or remove morphs. Easily create injection poses for any figure that supports morph injections.
  6. Extract Embedded Geometry extracts or replaces the geometry embedded in some Poser files to an external obj-file. Otherwise, the geometry is stored in every scene in which you use it.
  7. Inverse Kinematics is an editor for IK. You can create and remove IK, edit the link weights, turn IK on and off, and prevent leg IK to be turned on by Poser when adding the figure to the scene even if the IK is off.
  8. Conforming Clothing replaces the geometry of a figure and converts it to a conforming clothing. This is the simplest way to get a starting point for creating the cr2-file for conforming clothing.
  9. Add Morph imports one or several morphed geometries as morph targets. You can use a single obj-file for several body parts of a figure at once. The tool also can add a dial to control the complete morph to any actor including BODY or link the morph to an existing parameter.
  10. With Create Morph Injections, you can export morphs as injectable morphs. Convert a figure with (too) many morphs to one with morph injections or create new morph injections.
  11. Filter Morphs separates morphs from the remaining file. You can use it to create blank versions without morph, or morph inject and remove poses.

All tools work with compressed and uncompressed files and work with any Poser version from 4 to 8. Binary morphs are not supported.


  • File References
    • lists all types of refences to external files
    • test, change, correct, replace, and remove file references
    • convert to absolute or relative path
  • Alternate Geometries
    • lists all existing alternate geometries
    • create, modify, and delete alternate geometries
  • Convert to Pose
    • create any kind of poses, including morph and material poses
    • refine existing poses by removing unwanted parameter types
    • decide yourself what to include in a pose and what not
  • Cross Talk
    • assign control for morphs and other parameters to dials of any figure
    • assign control to figure itself or to figure conformed to
    • change assignment for all or for selected parameters
  • Inject Morph Scripts
    • create inject and remove poses from morph poses
    • automated search for needed scripts
  • Extract Embedded Geometry
    • extract embedded geometries to obj-files
    • replace embedded geometries by obj-files
  • Inverse Kinematics
    • add and remove IK
    • edit IK link weights
    • turn IK on or off
    • prevent Poser from turning leg IK on
  • Conforming Clothing
    • adjusts a cr2 to a new conforming clothing geometry
    • removes everything dependent on the old geometry
    • changes the cr2 to be a conforming clothing
  • Add Morph
    • creates morphs in figures and props from obj-files
    • creates full body morphs in figures from a single object geometry
    • adds or creates joint control for new morph
  • Create Morph Injections
    • exports all or selected morphs as morph injections / removals
    • converts the figure to contain only empty channels to receive injections
  • Filter Morphs
    • creates blank versions without morphs
    • creates morph injection and remove poses
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