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 Runtime ZIP

Version: 1.34
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 211 KB)

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Runtime ZIP is currently only available as part of the following bundles:


Runtime ZIP is a packer and unpacker for ZIP archives with some special features for ZIP files with Poser content. It has all the features required to create, modify, and unpack ZIP files. You can open several ZIP files at once, which is useful for products that consist of more than one ZIP archive.

When adding Poser content to a ZIP file, Runtime ZIP ensures that all paths are stored relative to the Runtime folder. It can detect dependent files like thumbnails, geometries, and textures and also add them to the ZIP. When extracting Poser content from a ZIP file, it ensures that Poser files are stored correctly in the Runtime folder, even if the paths in the ZIP are incomplete, missing, or have additional folders in front of Runtime. You can select only Poser files for extract, and Runtime ZIP detects which additional files have to be extracted because they are referred from the Poser files. For files extracted from the ZIP, it can correct the references to them if they are wrong. Finally, you can force that geometry, binary morph, texture, and Python files are extracted to the subfolder of Runtime where they belong.

The built-in preview shows the content of text, rich text, image, thumbnail, poser, binary morph, obj, and mtl files. For poser files, the included objects are listed with details like geometry resource, actor hierarchy, channels, and materials. It also shows the file references in a folder tree. Alternatively, poser files may be previewed in text mode. For binary morphs, the morphs are listed with actor, id, and number of deltas and points. The preview for obj geometries shows statistics, groups, and materials. The obj material preview lists the materials with their paramters.

In combination with Runtime Repair, you can repair and optimize Poser files before they are added to the ZIP or after they were extracted from the ZIP. Both tools are seamlessly integrated, you only have to select the repair option from Runtime ZIP. Packing and unpacking Poser content was never so easy and safe!


  • Windows application
  • Generic ZIP functions
    • List with content of one or several ZIP archives.
    • Tree with folder and file structure of ZIP archives.
    • Add files to new or existing ZIP.
    • Extract all or selected files from ZIP.
    • Optional summary after adding or extracting files.
    • Exclude list for files to extract not (e.g. thumbs.db).
    • Delete files from ZIP.
    • Edit files in ZIP: name, path, time, attributes.
    • Edit comment in ZIP file.
    • Merge several ZIP files into one.
    • Create file list in text format with files in ZIP.
  • Adding Poser content to ZIP
    • Store path relative to Runtime folder.
    • Include dependent files for Poser files.
    • Select which type of thumbnail to include: RSR, PNG, both, or by version.
    • Select which referred files to include: OBJ, PMD, texture, Python, scripts.
  • Extracting Poser content from ZIP
    • Ensure that Poser files are extracted relative to Runtime folder.
    • Extract depedent files for Poser files.
    • Correct references to files also extracted from the archive.
    • Summery shows references to missing files.
    • Force geometry files to be stored in geometries folder.
    • Force binary morph files to be stored in geometries folder.
    • Force texture files to be stored in textures folder.
    • Force Python scripts to be stored in main Runtime.
  • Test for file refences of Poser files in ZIP for existence and correct path
  • Preview for files in ZIP
    • Text, rich text, images, and thumbnails.
    • Poser files: objects with many details, file references.
    • Binary morph files: list with morphs.
    • OBJ geometry: statistics, groups, materials.
    • OBJ material: list with materials and parameters.
    • Temporary extract file to open with external application.
  • Repair Poser content (requires Runtime Repair)
    • Repair Poser files before adding to ZIP.
    • Repair Poser files after extracting from ZIP.
    • Completely automated or just start Runtime Repair with files to repair.
  • Projects
    • Define projects with files and folders to create ZIP archives.
    • Easily update ZIPs with projects.
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