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 Runtime Repair

Version: 1.24
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 16.00)
Manual (pdf, 198 KB)

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Runtime Repair is an easy and safe tool to keep your Poser Runtimes well working. It repairs several common problems with Poser files and optimizes Poser files according to your preferences. The tasks of Runtime Repair can be applied to single files or to whole folders or Runtimes. You can define presets and file lists for repeated tasks with the same settings or for the same files and folders.

The repair and optimize process is completely automated. During processing, a dialog window informs you about the progress and the number of changed files. After processing, a summary lists the number of changes for each task. The log file reports the changes for each file in detail.

File references that could not be repaired are listed after processing. There are two options. Either you let Runtime Repair search for the files and select the appropriate file if several files were found. Or you save a report for the missing references and use the included File References tool to correct the file references manually.


  • Windows application
  • Repair tasks
    • Correct file references: Detects invalid file references and fixes them automated or interactive.
    • Correct file path: Fixes irregularities in file paths.
    • Correct file quotation: Fixes invalid or unusual quotations of file references.
    • Fix "Version" and "Number": Fixes misspellings of the version number.
    • Fix material map offsets: Fixes the offset line after material maps.
    • Remove unused shader nodes: Removes unconnected nodes from shader trees.
    • Remove unused dials: Removes dials without parameter and empty groups.
    • Remove double quotes: Removes duplicated quotation marks.
    • Remove double spaces: Removes unneccessary spaces.
    • Correct invalid braces: Adds missing braces or cuts file after last closing brace.
  • Optimize tasks
    • Extract embedded geometries: Extracts embedded geometries to external OBJ files.
    • Change Poser file compression: Compresses or decompresses Poser files.
    • Change geometry file compression: Compresses or decompresses OBJ files.
    • Change Poser version: Changes the Poser version to load without version warning.
    • Shader trees: Creates or deletes shader trees, set image filtering mode.
    • Change file reference type: Changes file references to relative or absolute paths.
    • Inverse Kinematics: Turns all or leg IK on or off.
    • Thumbnails: Converts or deletes RSR and PNG thumbnails as required.
  • Features
    • Process single files or complete folders.
    • Create file lists with files and folders to process.
    • Define your own presets for different tasks.
    • Progress bar with stop button during processing.
    • Summary of changes after processing.
    • Log file reports all changes.
    • Optional back-ups.
    • Context help for all tasks.
    • Works for all Poser versions from 4 to 7.
  • File References editor
    • Separate tool to edit file references in Poser files.
    • Lists all file references in a Poser file.
    • Tests whether Poser would find the file.
    • Manual editing and several repair and conversion features.
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