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 Pose Cleaner

Version: 1.0
Release: 31.07.2015
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 12.00)
Manual (pdf, 156 KB)

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Pose Cleaner is a batch processor for poses and other files in the Poser file format. It can be used to clean up poses from unwanted parts or to remove everything except the wanted parts. It can also be used to split poses or materials into several parts. Because it is a batch processor with reusable schemes defined by the user, it's much easier to focus poses on the relevant information with Pose Cleaner than it is by manual editing or by selecting the parts to include when saving a pose.

Pose Cleaner cleans up poses by either retaining or removing particular types of information in a pose file. It is completely free configurable, it can be used with any kind of poses for any figure. Nonetheless, it is easy to configure, because it is based on using a pose as sample to identify the content of a pose. It simply shows what is inside a pose and lets the user decide how to process it. Moreover, the processing scheme can be saved and reloaded to do the same processing with other poses at any time.

All parts of a pose can be selected for retaining or removing: actors, actor parameters, figure parameters, channels, channel parameters, and materials. For actors and channels, it is also possible to limit processing to selected items and leave the rest unchanged. For channels, either the channel type or the channel names can be used as filter. In addition, there are special cleaning options like removing universal poses, script and python calls, channel groups, channels with zero keys, and animation keys.

Because Pose Cleaner lists all the information from the structure of a pose file, it can be used with all kinds of poses: genuine poses, morph value poses, morph injection poses, hands, expressions, material poses, material collections, and more.

Please note that you need some basic knowledge of the structure of poses in the Poser file format to use this tool, because it operates directly on the pose structure.


  • Application for Windows (XP and higher)
  • Batch processing for pose files
  • Freely configurable
    • all kinds of poses
    • any Poser figure
    • filter options: remove, retain, or process
    • load keys for filtering from sample pose
    • add/remove keys for filtering manually
    • reset/open/save schemes for reuse
  • Processable pose parts
    • Actors (by name)
    • Actor parameters (by type)
    • Figure parameters (by type)
    • Channels (by name or type)
    • Channel parameters (by type)
    • Materials (by name)
  • Additional remove options
    • thigh length
    • universal pose
    • binary inject/remove
    • pose script calls
    • python script calls
    • preset materials
    • empty figure
    • channel groups
    • channels with zero value (or 100% scaling)
    • animation keys (except first)
  • Generic options
    • sort actors alphabetically or by original order
    • keep backup of processed files
    • show success message after processing
  • Manual included
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