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 Poser File Organizer

Version: 3.4
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 24.00)
Demo Version (zip, 416 KB)
Manual (pdf, 266 KB)
Handbuch (pdf, 315 KB)

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The Poser File Organizer will facilitate your work with Poser. It provides several tasks to optimize your Poser files and to organize them in your Runtime libraries. It can also be used to install Poser content or to prepare it for release.

The Poser File Organizer will fix several problems in your Poser files like invalid file references. It can adjust files to a particular Poser version e.g. by adding or removing shader trees. It can modify Poser files to your personal preferences like turning off IK. When moving Poser files to a different Runtime, you can include different types of file references to move. See the feature list below for a complete list of all available tasks. The included manual describes what changes each task performs on your Poser files and why and when one should apply it.

Each task can be performed on single files, on several files at once, or on complete folders. You can save and load lists of files and folders as file lists. You can save and restore selected tasks and their configuration as reusable presets. Everything the Poser File Organizer changes in your Poser files is listed in a detailed log. Errors and warnings are listed additionally in a separate error log.

The Poser File Organizer has been thoroughly tested. I used it on all my Poser files and scenes, including the complete Poser 5, 6, 7, and 8 Runtime libraries, which contain most files of Poser 4 and ProPack.

Also included is the Poser Thumbnail Converter as a stand alone application to convert Poser thumbnails between RSR and PNG format.


  • File reference tasks:
    • Resolve GetStringRes(...). Some Poser files contain indirect references to Poser files. This replaces these references by the real files.
    • Correct file path. Fixes irregularities in file paths like double path separators.
    • Correct emty files / NO_MAP. Fixes irregularities and misspelling for reference to no file.
    • Find missing files. If a reference to an image or to another file is wrong, Poser spends a lot of time searching for the file each time you load the referring Poser file. By correcting the file references you will no longer have to wait or to search manually for missing files.
    • Change bump references to bum or image. Change the file references for bump maps to bum-files (Poser 4) or to image files.
    • Correct quotations of file references. Some file references are used with quotes, others without, and sometimes there is only one of start and end quotation mark.
    • Convert all file references to relative or absolute paths.
  • Material tasks:
    • Correct the list of materials. Remove materials that are not in the geometry file and create or rename materials that are missing.
    • Create or delete shader trees. Poser 5 and higher will create the shader tree when loading the file, but it assigns bump images to the wrong channel. This will fix the problem. You also may remove shader trees.
    • Set image filtering. Set the image filtering mode for Poser 7 shader trees.
    • Reposition shader tress. Put the shader trees into the left top corner in the material room.
    • Create or delete preset materials. Older Poser versions have a preset material that is no longer used in newer versions, so you can simply remove them.
    • Correct material map offset lines. Sometimes material maps are ignored, because the offset line is missing. This will insert the offset if it is missing or delete it if it is not needed.
    • Remove unused nodes from shader trees. Sometimes shader trees contain nodes that are not connected to the material. This removes these unused nodes.
    • Convert material poses to material collections or back. Decide yourself whether you prefer material poses or Poser 6 material collections.
    • Convert Unimesh materials from classic style to anime style and back. Use the material poses for Unimesh figures with Aiko and Hiro as well.
  • Geometry tasks:
    • Extract embedded geometry from props. Otherwise, the geometry will be stored in every scene in which you use the prop making your scene files even larger.
    • Round values of geometries and morphs. This reduces the file size of geometry and Poser files and also reduces their loading times.
    • Hide or delete unused morph injections. Old-style morph injections use empty morph channels. You can hide these channels if they are visible in Poser or delete them if they are no longer needed.
  • Figure tasks:
    • Set the figure name. Many figures are named "Figure 1" instead of a comprehensive name. Change the name of the figure to the name of the file or to any other name.
    • Reset figure. Reset the position, pose, and scaling of a figure.
    • Turn IK on or off. Prevent Poser from turning the leg IK on. If you don't like to work with inverse kinematics, you have to turn it off each time you load a character. Even if you save it with IK turned off, Poser will turn on the IK for the legs anyway. Now you can turn off the IK and keep them off.
    • Add eye control dials to the head. These additional dials will control eye movement and morphs for both eyes together.
    • Change cross talk. Redirect dependent parameters to the figure itself or to a different figure.
  • Other tasks:
    • Set the Poser file version. Usually, Poser can handle files from higher versions, but it will give you a warning each time you load the file. Simply change the version number to get rid of this warning.
    • Change the display mode of figures and props. Hair figures and props sometimes use other than the scene display mode to be visible even with transparency maps. In Poser 6, transparent materials are displayed better in preview, so you can change the display mode to that of the scene.
    • Remove unused dials and groups. In Poser 5 and 6, there are sometimes groups without nodes and dials without function. This removes them.
    • Remove double quotes.
    • Remove double spaces.
  • Batch processing tasks:
    • Define your own tasks.
    • Editor, manual, and examples included.
  • Processing tasks:
    • Compress or decompress files. Save disk space by compressing your files (ProPack and higher only). Or decompress the files for editing.
    • Create or remove rsr and png thumbnails as needed. Create or remove the thumbnails as you need them.
    • Move figures to Figures library. In Poser 6, many conforming figures are placed in the props or hair library. This will move them back where they belong.
    • Move or copy referenced files to a different folder. Move resource files out of libraries, move resource files to a particular folder in geometries and textures, or copy resource files to a new folder.
    • Move or copy Poser files to another Runtime folder. This will not only move or copy the Poser file, but also all files that belong to it like thumbnail images and referred files.
    • Delete Poser files. Move Poser files together with their references into the recycle bin.
  • File selection for processing:
    • Select single or multiple files.
    • Process all files from a folder (with or without subfolders).
    • Drag and drop files and/or folders from Windows explorer.
    • Process files and folders from a file list.
    • Load and save lists with files and folders.
  • More features:
    • Many parameters and options give you detailed control on how to apply the tasks.
    • A detailed log reports all changes made on the Poser files.
    • A separate log will report warnings and errors only.
    • Store and restore your own frequently used task presets.
  • Poser Thumbnail Converter: convert thumbnails from rsr to png or vice versa
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