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 Poser File Editor

Version: 3.5
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 26.00)
Demo Version (zip, 573 KB)
Manual (pdf, 346 KB)

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The Poser File Editor integrates a large number of powerful tools to facilitate your work with Poser files. The content of a Poser file is displayed in a structured tree. The basic editing capabilities are similar to those of text editors but adjusted to the specifics of Poser files. Several integrated editors provide access to particular aspects of the file. Many different tools let you easily perform tasks that you can't do in Poser or a text editor or could do only with a lot of work. Never again you will have to use a text editor to edit Poser files.

The editors and tools of the Poser File Editor address many different tasks. The file reference editor gives you an overview on all references. You can test whether Poser would find the files, replace and correct references, and change the style of the reference (absolute, relative, file only). When converting figures to poses, you have detailed control on what to include in the pose and what not. You can create any kind of poses, including material poses and morph injection poses. The editors for actors, channels, value operators and materials are tables that list the items and their parameters and allow inline editing of all values. These are only some examples of the capabilities of the Poser File Editor. Have a look at the feature list below and download the manual or the demo to find out more about the Poser File Editor.

Please note that the Poser File Editor mainly addresses advanced users and those who want to gain more experience with Poser files. Some features are easy to use even by the lesser experienced while other features and direct editing requires some prior knowledge about the format of Poser files. Try the demo or download the manual to find out whether the Poser File Editor fits your needs and skills. Lesser experienced users may prefer the Tool Collection for Poser.


  • Basic editing:
    • add, edit, and delete lines
    • cut, copy, and paste in text format using the clipboard
    • copy and paste parameter values in the same clipboard format as Poser
    • move and copy lines and blocks of lines by drag'n'drop (also to other instances of Poser File Editor)
    • search and replace in lines, keys, and values
    • quick find figures, props, cameras, and lights
    • insert predefined blocks of code
  • Integrated editors:
    • line editor: divides lines into key and values for editing
    • file reference editor: test and correct all references to external files
    • material editor: edit material settings of one or several materials at once
    • actor editor: lists all actors and their parameters in an editable table
    • parameter editor: lists all channel parameters of an actor in an editable table
    • channel editor: edit the setting for a channel parameter
    • morph editor: create full body morphs and morph injections, control cross-talking
    • value operator editor: lists all interconnections between channels in an editable table
    • dial group editor: arrange dials in groups and copy groups from one actor to another
    • figure editor: structure of a figure as a tree
    • alternate geometry editor: create and change alternate geometries
    • details editor: edit details of embedded geometries and morph targets
  • Tools:
    • convert figures or props to all kinds of poses: pose, face, hand, material, morph, ...
    • filter or delete specific types of parameters
    • reset values of channel parameters
    • add scripts for morph injections
    • replace figure geometries to create conforming clothing
    • convert figure to conforming figure
    • convert figure to binary morph injection
    • convert morph inject pose to remove pose
    • extract embedded geometry to an obj-file
    • export/link morphs to binary morph file
    • resolve binary morph files to embedded morphs
    • import obj-file as (full body) morph
    • create parameter value operators for single channel or groups of channels
    • create rotation controls for chain of actors
    • turn IK on or off, create or remove IK chain
    • remove unused materials and create missing materials
    • remove unused dials and groups or create missing dials
    • several useful repair tools
  • Other features:
    • works with any Poser file types, compressed and uncompressed
    • works for all Poser version from 4 to 8
    • well structured view on the content of a Poser file in a tree
    • up to 200 steps of undo / redo
    • import or merge one of several Poser files into another
    • import extensible parameters (ExP)
    • context sensitive menus
    • keyboard shortcuts
    • restrict application of tools to selected lines or blocks of lines
    • define own batch tasks
    • detailed manual with several mini-tutorials for sample tasks
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