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 Morphing Clothes

Version: 1.41
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 22.80)
Content Paradise ($ 22.00)
Manual (pdf, 189 KB)
Sample 1: Bikini for P4F (zip, 151 KB)
Sample 2: Unitard for P4F (zip, 134 KB)
Sample 3: Bikini for Jessi (zip, 589 KB)
Sample 4: Jeans/Shirt for Jessi (zip, 535 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


How often did you want to use a particular clothing outfit with a particular character, just to find out that the clothes don't fit because they lack some of the morphs you used in the character? With the Morphing Clothes application, you can transfer any morphs from the figure to the clothes. Never ever try to make the clothing fit with magnets or the available morphs, just add any morphs to the clothes that are missing.

For the figure, Morphing Clothes lists all morphs already grouped by their dependencies, so you can transfer full body morphs and other morphs that span several actors as if it were a single morph. Additional morphs can even be added from morph injection poses. You can select which morphs to transfer, and you can define presets with sets of morphs that you often want to transfer for a particular figure. As a reminder, Morphing Clothes also lists the morphs that already exist in the clothing figure or prop. The transfer parameters are rather simple, there's one main parameter to control the transfer. In addition, there's a special mode for skirts and other clothing that don't have separate legs, to blend out the figure morphs at the hip and to use a generic morph to tighten or widen the clothing at the hip and below. You can enable or disable cross talk for the transferred morphs. Even for enabled cross talk, you can still control the morphs in the body actor of the clothing for fine adjustment. Finally, there's a batch mode to process several clothing figures at once using the same parameters.

Morphing Clothes is not limited to conforming clothes for human figures. You can also use it for clothing and accessory props, to fit hair figures and props to head shapes, for animal accessory like saddles, and even to transfer morphs between low and high resolution versions of the same figure.

The Morphing Clothes application was highly optimized for speed. Even transferring dozens of morphs from a high res figure to high res clothing takes only a few seconds, simpler transfers are done in less than a second (on my computer with a 2.13 GHz processor).

All morphs for the clothes in the preview images (and the hair for Aiko 4) were made with the Morphing Clothes application. Please note that there are limits to automatically transferred morphs and that the quality of the created morphs may vary depending on the figure, the clothing, and the morphs in the figure.


  • Windows application
  • Transfers any morph for any figure to any clothing of that figure
  • Also works for props, hair figures/props, and for non-human figures
  • Skirt mode for clothing without separate legs
  • Prevent distortions for solid parts of clothing like buttons
  • Import morphs from morph injection poses into figure
  • Figure morphs are grouped by dependencies (full body morphs, joint controls etc.)
  • Transfer all or selected morphs
  • Five output modes:
    1. Insert transferred morphs into the clothing file
    2. Insert transferred morphs into a new copy of the clothing file
    3. Create a loader file that loads the clothing and then adds the transferred morphs
    4. Binary morph injection to inject the transferred morphs (Poser 6 and up)
    5. Binary morph poses to inject or remove the transferred morphs (Poser 6 and up)
  • Fast transfer, takes only a few seconds even when transferring many morphs at once
  • Batch mode to transfer the same morphs to several clothes at once
  • Support for all kinds of morphs (embedded and binary) as input and output
  • Option to enable or disable cross talk
  • Body dials still work for enabled cross talk
  • Define your own presets for figures and transfer parameters


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