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 Eye to Eye

Version: 1.1
Release: 30.12.2006
System: Windows (XP - 10)
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 109 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


With Eye to Eye, you can use the eye textures for one figure with other figures. Eye to Eye converts the material settings in a Poser file to a material pose for a different figure. Now you can use all your eye textures with any figure you like. (See below for a list of currently supported figures.)

How does it work? In short, Eye to Eye does two things. First, it maps the names of the material regions of the source figure to the according material names of the target figure. Second, it changes the offsets and scaling of the textures of the source figure to fit the UV-mapping of the target figure. By using shader nodes to remap the eye textures, there's no need to create new image files.

Can I define presets for other figures myself? Yes, you can do, but it requires some knowledge about UV-mappings. Included is a tool that assists you with the analysis of the UV-mapping of the eyes of a figure, but you have to do some additional work as described in the manual.

All samples of the image above are rendered in Poser 6 without postwork. They show the result of applying the material poses created by Eye to Eye without any further modifications of the eye materials. All figures use the same eye texture.

*** You need Poser 5 or up to use the material poses created by Eye to Eye. ***


  • Eye to Eye Windows application
    • Converts eye materials to be used with other figures.
    • Creates material pose or material collection with Poser 5 shader trees that remap the eye textures.
  • Presets for the following figures are included:
    • All Unimesh figures: Victoria 3, Michael 3, Stephanie 3, David, Aiko 3, Hiro, Freak, ...
    • DAZ people: Victoria 4, The Girl, Victoria 1&2, Michael 1&2
    • DAZ creatures: Nybras, Troll, Wyvern, Gargoyle, Gremlin
    • DAZ dragons: Dragon 1&2, Eastern Dragon, Hatchling Dragon
    • DAZ animals: Cat, Big Cat, Dog, Gorilla
    • DAZ toon animals: Lamb, Kitty, Goldfish
    • Poser 7 people: Sydney, Simon, Kate 2, Ben 2
    • Poser 7 animals: Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Eagle, Frog, Horse, Lion, Wolf
    • Poser 6 people: Jessi, James, Kate, Ben
    • Poser 5 people: Judy, Don, Penny, Will
    • Poser 4 people: Woman, Man, Girl, Boy, Infant
    • Content Paradise people: G2 Male, Miki, Terai Yuki 2
    • Content Paradise figures: Grey Alien, Chinese Dragon, Panda, Skeleton
    • Eyes (Dimension3D Freebie)
    • other people: Gloria, Clark, Alexa 2, Koshini 2, Ichiro 2, LaRoo 2, Phoebe, Project Human, Maya Doll, Sara
    • other figures: Oriental Dragon, Rufus
  • Presets for more figures are available in the support section.
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