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 Content Mirror for Poser

Version: 1.3
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 14.80)
Content Paradise ($ 14.80)
Manual (pdf, 172 KB)

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The Content Mirror swaps the left and right side of various kinds of Poser content files. Some clothes or hair are not symmetrical, and it's not possible to mirror them inside of Poser. Also, you may want to use stand-alone props and figures in a mirrored version, e.g. to have the steering wheel of a car on the other side.

Content Mirror works on stand-alone items as well as conforming figures like clothing and hair or smart props and hair props. In each case, morphs and textures will be still full functional. Content without a geometry like magnets or poses can be mirrored also.

While being limited on swapping left and right, this is no restriction for stand-alone figures and props, because mirroring front and back or top and bottom can be achieved simply by an additional rotation. Human figures and their add-ons like clothing and hair are usually symmetrical for the left/right direction.


  • Application for all Windows versions (Windows 95 - Windows 7)
  • Swaps left and right side for various types of Poser content
  • Supported content types
    • Figures
    • Conforming figures
    • Props
    • Smart props
    • Hair props
    • Dynamic hair
    • Magnets
    • Poses
    • Lights
    • Cameras
  • Operates directly on Poser content files
  • Batch mode to mirror several files at once
  • Supports new features of Poser 8 and 9 like weight maps and multiple zones
  • Includes option to mirror pose controllers
  • Optionally mirror PNG thumbnail


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