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 Binary Morph Editor

Version: 1.5
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 16.00)
Manual (pdf, 162 KB)

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The Binary Morph Editor is a tool to edit PMD files. It can create binary and standard morph injection and remove poses for the morphs stored in a PMD file. (Please note that this is a tool for custom morphs, not for characters built on third-party morphs.)

In Poser 6 and Poser 7, morphs can be stored as external binary morphs in PMD files. This allows faster access to the morphs and reduces the file size of scenes. Binary morph injections are a more convenient and reliable way of injecting morphs than the standard morph injections.

The Binary Morph Editor shows the content of a PMD file in its main window. You can change the name, actor, and ID of the morphs. You can also create, import, and delete morphs. Morphs can be created from morphed OBJ geometries and imported from PMD files and from Poser files that contain standard morphs.

You can create standard morph injections for Poser 4 and up as well as binary morph injections for Poser 6 and up. The poses can include full body controls, connect neck morphs to head morphs, include dial groups, and set different morph names and channels than in the PMD file. In addition, figures and props can be updated in accordance to the content of the PMD file they are using.


  • Windows application
  • Edit PMD files:
    • List with morphs stored in a PMD file.
    • Change morph name, actor, and PMD ID.
    • Delete morphs from PMD file.
    • Change PMD file type.
  • Create PMD files:
    • Import morphs from Poser figures, props, and morph injection poses.
    • Import morphs from PMD files.
    • Create morphs from morphed OBJ geometry files.
  • Create INJ and REM poses:
    • Binary morph injections for Poser 6 and up.
    • Standard morph injections for Poser 4 and up.
    • Include full body controls in body actor.
    • Attach morphs to other controls.
    • Include dial groups for Poser 5 and up.
    • Define morph names and channel names.
    • Set initial morph values.
  • Update figures and props with binary morphs:
    • Insert morphs missing in figure or prop.
    • Remove morphs missing in PMD file.
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