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 2nd Skin

Version: 2.3
Release: 09.02.2016
System: Windows (XP - 10)
Renderosity ($ 18.00)
Manual (pdf, 154 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


2nd Skin creates a second skin as conforming clothing from a Poser figure. The program can convert any Poser figure into a conforming clothing for this figure that fits like a second skin. It creates a new full body morph to change the distance of the second skin from the original skin. You can chose which actors to include in the second skin figure and which not. Optionally, 2nd Skin creates a new geometry file that only contains the geometry of the included actors.

The generated clothing uses the same geometry as the original figure. It has the same UV-mapping and normals (if any). The material regions are also the same. You can use any textures for the original figure also on the second skin. The conforming clothing contains the same morphs, and you can apply the same morph injections and binary morphs. Alternate geometries of the original figure are also still available.

You can use this clothing for anything that you could paint or overlay on the texture of the original figure.

  • tight fitting clothes: catsuits, gloves, socks, stockings, hosiery, swimsuits, underware, pants, shirts, face masks etc.
  • skin surface details: hair, beard, moles, scars, tattoos
  • make-up, body-paintings
  • mixing of two skin textures
  • fur-layers for animals
  • and more ...

With the 2nd Face feature, you can easily combine overlays for different regions of the face, e.g. for eye shadows, lipstick, and rouge. 2nd Face is available for the following figures:

  • DAZ Unimesh 4 figures: Victoria 4,4.1,4.2, Aiko 4, Girl 4, Michael 4, Hiro 4
  • DAZ Unimesh 3 figures: Victoria 3, Stephanie 3, Aiko 3, Michael 3, David, Hiro, Freak, ...
  • Reduced Resolution versions of Victoria 3 and Michael 3
  • Victoria 1 & 2 and Michael 1 & 2
  • The Girl
  • Poser 7 figures: Simon, Sydney, Ben 2, Kate 2
  • Poser 6 figures: Jessi (hi/low res), James (hi/low res), Kate, and Ben
  • Poser 5 figures: Judy, Don, Penny, Will
  • G2 male figures: James, Kelvin, Koji
  • G2 female figure: Jessi
  • Miki and Miki 2
  • Terai Yuki 2
  • Alexa 2
  • Gloria and Clark
  • Koshini 2 and Ichiro 2
  • Glamorous Jessi and Glennis

The sample image was rendered in Poser 7 without postwork except for composition. It shows a second skin figure with several textures applied on two different figures and alone. (The figures and textures are examples only. No figures or textures are included in this product.)


  • Windows application
  • Creates 2nd Skin figure:
    • conforming clothing
    • morph for distance
    • optionally relative to morphed figure
    • optionally new obj-file and/or new pmd-file
    • optionally 2nd Face material regions for head
    • optionally cross-talk for existing morphs
  • Preserves features of original figure:
    • morph targets (embedded, binary, and injectable morphs)
    • alternate geometries
    • material regions
    • uv texture mapping
  • Creates utility poses:
    • Default material
    • Transparent material
    • Shadows on/off
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