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 XL - eXtended Library

Version: 1.5
Release: 06.02.2016
System: Poser 8+
Renderosity ($ 9.80)
Content Paradise ($ 9.00)
Manual (pdf, 168 KB)

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XL - eXtended library is an eXtended library system for Poser 8 and up written in Poser Python. It gives you full access to your Poser content and has several advanced features to improve your workflow. The XL window can stay open while you are working with Poser, you can minimize it to be out of the way while you don't need the library.

With its separate folder tree and file list, XL is easy and quick to navigate. You can load and save all kinds of Poser content based on the well-known library structure with figures, props, poses, materials and so on. The tree displays a single library type for a single runtime to prevent too large and confusing structures. Switching between runtimes and libraries is done by selecting either one or both of them. By defining your own favorite folders, you can quickly switch to the folders you use most often. Cross-links can be defined to link related content folders, e.g. a clothing figure and its materials. The search feature allows to search for content in one or several runtimes.

The most important use of a content library is to load content. With XL, you can select several files in a folder and load them at once, e.g. different parts of a prop set or several clothing items of an outfit. For conforming clothes, they can be directly conformed to the selected figure in the scene, optionally also together with adding deformers (magnetize) and setting morph values, to make the clothes fit immediately.

For all kinds of poses as well as for material collections, it's possible to select the target object in the scene in the library, so you don't have to switch between the scene preview and the library when working with several figures. Single materials can be assigned in the pose room, by selecting one or several materials from the current figure or prop.

Note: Due to limitations in Poser Python, there are less options when saving content to the library.

Note: Only PNG thumbnails are shown, no RSR thumbnails.


  • Quick and easy to navigate library system for Poser 8 and up (updated for Poser 11/Pro)
  • Separate folder tree and file list, both with context menus
  • Horizontal or vertical split between folder tree and file list
  • Optionally include folders in file list
  • Define your own favorite folders and cross-links for quick access
  • Menu to select figure, object, or material in scene
  • Load and save any kind of Poser content
  • Import DAZ Studio content (requires DSON Importer for Poser; works without Poser companion files)
  • Advanced features to load content:
    • Load / apply several files at once
    • Conform loaded figures directly to the selected figure in the scene
    • Optionally add deformers (magnetize) when loading conforming clothes
    • Optionally set morph values as in figure when loading conforming clothes
    • Select target for conforming figures, parented props, poses, hands, expressions, and material collections in library
    • Select one or several materials of current object in library when loading single materials
  • Advanced save for pose with selection of actors and parameter types
  • Search in runtime folders
  • Show metadata
  • Selectable thumbnail size from 16x16 to 256x256 (default: 91x91)
  • Manual included

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