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 XA - eXtended Access

Version: 1.3
Release: 06.02.2016
System: Poser 8+
Renderosity ($ 9.80)
Content Paradise ($ 9.00)
Manual (pdf, 160 KB)

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XA - eXtended Access is a freely configurable tool bar for Poser 8 and up to access commands from the Poser menu and your favorite Poser content. Tool bar buttons can be arranged any way you like, horizonally or vertically, in one or several rows or columns. Also, buttons can be grouped in sub-menus that are opened from the tool bar. Buttons can use any image file or just text, included is a set of predefined images for typical actions. Select your own button size for the tool bar as well as for each sub-menu.

You can assign any Poser menu command like Open, Undo, or Delete to the tool bar buttons. In addition, the tool bar provides access to your favorite Poser content to open scenes, load figures, apply poses, run Python scripts, or to access any other content type.

Finally, you can define batch buttons that load and assemble several Poser content files. With a single click, this can build a complete figure by loading the base figure, turning IK off, applying material and morph poses, loading a hair prop or conforming a hair figure, applying materials to the hair, and maybe also add accessories or clothing.


  • Tool bar for Poser 8 and up (updated for Poser 11/Pro)
  • Freely configurable buttons and layout:
    • Can be placed anywhere (e.g. on the unused space right of the room tabs)
    • Horizontal or vertical layout, one or several columns/rows
    • Sub-menus to organize larger sets of favorites
    • Configuration can be modified easily by editing and moving buttons
    • Button size from 8 to 256 pixel
    • Buttons may be text only, image only, or image with text
    • Any image can be used for the buttons
    • 44 predefined images (48x48) for typical tool bar commands
  • Quick access to menu and content:
    • All Poser menu commands
    • Load, apply, or run any Poser content including scenes, render presets, and Python scripts
    • Batch mode to assemble complete sets from several Poser content files
  • Manual included

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