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 D3D Perfect Tan Line - Poser Python Script

Version: 1.0
Release: 14.09.2011
System: Poser 6+ (Windows), Poser 7+ (Mac)
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 147 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


Perfect Tan Line is a Poser Python script for easy adding of tan lines to any figure. It includes only a few sample maps, you need your own mask images for the tan lines.

The user interface of the script is simple. It has sliders to control the brightness of the tanned and untanned skin. For a more natural look, the redness of the skin may be adjusted as well. For each material of the figure, you can select whether to leave it unchanged, to make it tanned or untanned skin, to apply the mask for both tanned and untanned skin, or to remove any changes made by the script. Selections can be saved as presets for reuse. The script may be applied again to modify an existing tan line, e.g. for fine tuning of the skin tones by test renders.

While this script is mainly intended to be used with your own maps for tan line shapes, it includes one sample image mask for each of the following figures:

  • G2 Females (Sydney, Jessi, Olivia)
  • Miki 2
  • Terai Yuki 2


  • Python script for Poser 6 and up
  • Can be used with any figure
  • Adds new tan line or modifies existing tan line
  • Changes brightness of tanned and/or untanned skin
  • Optionally adjusts red hue of skin for more natural skin tone
  • Maps can be white on black or black on white
  • Included maps:
    • 1 for G2 Females (Sydney, Jessi, Olivia)
    • 1 for Miki 2
    • 1 for Terai Yuki 2
  • No usage restrictions for created shaders
  • Can be combined with advanced shaders like Perfect Skin


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