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 D3D Perfect Skin SSS

Version: 1.0
Release: 16.03.2016
System: Poser 9+
Renderosity ($ 16.00)
Renderosity ($ 27.00)
Renderosity ($ 11.00)
Manual (pdf, 187 KB)

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Perfect Skin SSS is a PoserPython script for Poser 9 and up to create realistic shaders for human characters. It converts existing materials into advanced shaders for all material areas: skin and nails; teeth, tongue, and the inside of the mouth; eyes and their surrounding like lacrimal; hair details defined by transparency maps like brows and lashes. For Poser 11, the script optionally also creates specific Cycles shaders for the SuperFly renderer. It is available as a lite and a pro version.

The script allows detailed control over all aspects of the shaders it creates. Nonetheless, it is easy to use, in the simplest case you just select your figure, start the script, and convert the materials all at once with two clicks. You may decide, which parts of the existing material is used for the advanced shader, be it the image map only or the partial shader for some input.

Thanks to presets, copy/paste, and own defaults for all settings, the script can be customized and favorite settings can be defined and reused. You can continue your work or do scene-specific adjustments at any time. When you run the script again, it shows the parameters as they are set in the shaders. Changes may even be applied directly to the shaders while they are set in the script. All settings can be applied to the according material groups at once, but also to any subset of materials.

For all color textures, the script provides a hue parameter to adjust the colors in the map. This may be used for minor corrections or adjustments, but also for effects like tanning or sunburn. Most shaders use special procedural nodes for bump that may be combined with existing maps for bump and highlights. For transparency-mapped hair, the thickness of the hair may be adjusted, e.g. to create fuller lashes or to make the brows more visible.

The script works well with different render settings. It is optimized for realistic render settings with subsurface scattering, gamma correction, and optionally indirect light. All maps are automatically set up to use the correct gamma settings, but you also may change this directly for each map. Each image map used by the figure may be replaced by a different map, e.g. when you want to use a face map with different makeup.

The Pro version provides additional features for mask-based modifications. You may add procedural spots and freckles to the skin. You may define areas for tanned and untanned skin and set the according skin tone with the hue control. There are two kinds of overlays. Skin details for color and bump are applied directly to the skin color, but otherwise keep the skin properties. Overlays replace one or all material aspects. Both can be applied to a complete material or to any area defined by a mask. While skin details can be used for tattoos or wounds, the possibilities for overlays range from clothing, over make-up and body-painting, to lip-gloss and nail-polish. Besides common highlights, overlays may also have a gloss or glitter effect. There are no limits in layering any number of tanlines, skin details, or overlays. Finally, there is an option to use transparency maps as faked reflection for the eyes.

Perfect Skin SSS Pro includes 15 reflection maps for the eyes that can be used with most supported figures. It also has 5 pairs of nipple bump maps to be used with most supported female figures. Finally, there are lip bumps and lip masks for Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, and Miki 2 as well as nail masks for Victoria 4 and for the DAZ generation 3 figures to apply nail polish to the top side of the nails only. Of course, these maps are mere examples, you can use your own or third party maps with this script as well.

Note: In general, you may use any mask image with the script. This includes my own overlay and tanline products for Victoria 4 and DAZ generation 3 figures. For my tanline products, you can download special add-ons that load the masks at the correct position (see the manual for details).


  • PoserPython Script for Poser 9 and up (Windows and Mac)
  • Easy to use
    • Converts materials into advanced shaders
    • Converts complete figure with a single click
    • Dialog to select shaders or maps to reuse
    • Load and save presets with parameter settings
    • Define your own default presets
    • Copy and paste parameter settings
    • Manual or instant application of changes
    • Continue to adjust parameters at any time
    • Optimized for gamma correction
    • Creates specific Cycles shaders for SuperFly (Poser 11)
  • Detailed control
    • All aspects of shaders can be controlled by color and value sliders
    • Hue contol for all texture maps for fine adjustment
    • Several materials can be modified together or separatedly
    • Replace image maps (e.g. with different make-up)
    • Enable or disable gamma correction for image maps
  • All materials for human characters
    • Skin / nails: subsurface scattering, highlights, procedural bump
    • Inner mouth / tongue / teeth: highlights, reflection, procedural bump
    • Eyes: highlights, reflection
    • Transparency mapped hair: thickness, highlights, bump
  • Pro features
    • Skin: spots and freckles
    • Skin: mask-based tanlines
    • Skin: mask-based skin details like tattoos, bump etc.
    • Skin: mask-based overlays like clothing, makeup etc.
    • Eyes: reflection maps
    • Mask-based features can be combined without limits
    • Dialog for mask placement by offset or center-based
  • Pro texture maps
    • 15 eye reflection maps
    • 5 pairs of nipple bump maps
    • lip masks and bump maps for Victoria 4, Victoria 3, Aiko 3, Miki 2
    • nail masks for Victoria 4 and DAZ Generation 3

Supported Figures

  • Poser: Poser 3 - Poser 11, PoserPro, G2
  • Content Paradise: Miki 1-4, Terai Yuki 2, NearMe, Grey Alien
  • DAZ Genesis: Genesis 1-3
  • DAZ Generation 4: Victoria 4, Michael 4, Kids 4, Vittorio 4
  • DAZ Generation 3: V3, S3, A3, M3, D3, H3, Freak, L&L3, M&M3, Baby3
  • DAZ Generation 1/2: Victoria, Michael, Stephanie/Aiko, Grim, Preschool, Preteen, Baby
  • DAZ Girl: The Girl, Mermaid Girl
  • 3D Universe: Sadie, Sam, Skye, Stacy, Sara, Dennis
  • Dawn, Dusk, Gloria, Clark, Antonia, Apollo Maximus, Mavka, Project Human
  • other figures can be added easily
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