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 D3D Perfect Skin 2

Version: 2.0
Release: 14.09.2011
System: Poser 6+ (Windows), Poser 7+ (Mac)
Renderosity ($ 15.00)
Manual (pdf, 1067 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


Perfect Skin is a Poser Python script to create enhanced shaders for realistic renders of human figures. While gaining remarkable improvements, the shaders are kept simple enough to render quickly and to allow direct modifications easily.

The script is intended to improve material sets without complex shaders with diffuse maps and optionally with bump maps, but may be used also to replace overly complicated shaders. Still, the result will depend on the quality of the used texture maps. Perfect Skin improves all ethnic types of skin colors and works particularly well also for colored people.

The script has many options to enhance the skin material. The skin looks more natural by setting the correct surface properties like highlights and natural unevenness, with special bump maps for the lips and nipples. Optionally, it can add small spots and freckles to the skin or lipstick and gloss to the lips.

In addition, the materials for the nails, the inner mouth with teeth and tongue, and the eyes can be improved. The nails can be left natural or changed to polished. For the inner mouth, a wet look and the correct rough surface of the tongue are set. The eyes are improved by real and/or faked reflections.

All options can be activated seperately and are configured with simple sliders to control the amount of each effect. The script combines ease of use with a maximum of control. It can be used to create new complete shader settings and to modify single parameters of shaders created by the script. It remembers the last used setting and may be kept running while working in Poser, e.g. to do test renders. Also, you can save and load your own presets of favourite settings. The script supports the most common figure types and recognizes them automatically.

Note: This script implements the material techniques described in part 5 of my tutorial The Poser Compendium: Materials for Human Characters.

Supported figures

  • Victoria 4, Victoria 4 V3, Aiko 4, Girl 4, Stephanie 4, She Freak 4
  • Victoria 3, Victoria 3 RR, Stephanie Petite 3, Aiko 3, Aiko 3 to SP
  • Victoria 1, Victoria 2 (incl. low and P4), Victoria 3 V2
  • Stephanie, Aiko
  • Michael 4 (incl. genitals), Hiro 4, Freak 4
  • The Kids 4
  • Michael 3 (incl. genitals), Michael 3 RR, Michael 3 M2, David (incl. genitals), Freak, Hiro, Hiro to David
  • Michael 1, Michael 2 (incl. P4)
  • Laura, Luke, Laura/Luke PT, Matt, Maddie, Matt PS, Maddie PS, Millennium Baby 3
  • PreTeen Vicki, PreTeen Boy, PreSchool Vicki, PreSchool Boy
  • Girl, Girl V3-UV
  • Miki 3, Miki 2, Miki
  • Alyson, Ryan
  • Sydney G2, Olivia G2, Jessi G2
  • Simon G2, James G2, Kelvin G2, Koji G2 (all incl. genitals)
  • Jessi, James
  • Ben, Kate (P6 and P7)
  • Judy, Don, Penny, Will
  • Poser legacy figures (P3 and P4 hi) aka Posette and Dork
  • Terai Yuki 2
  • Gloria, Clark
  • Apollo Maximus 2007
  • Skye
  • Sadie, Sam
  • (additional figures can be added by editing the configuration file)


  • Python script for Poser 6 and up
  • Enhanced skin material shader
    • Skin tone
    • Spots
    • Freckles
    • Ambient
    • Moist
    • Brilliance
    • Skin bump
    • Nipple bump with bump map and scalable size (female figures only)
    • Lip bump (V4, V3, S3, A3, and Miki 2 only)
    • Lip gloss
    • Lipstick color
  • Setup for nail material shader
    • Highlights for natural nails
    • Gloss for polished nails
    • Color of polished nails
    • Nail mask to limit nail polish to top (V4, DAZ Unimesh 3 only)
  • Enhanced mouth material shaders
    • Wet look and bump for tongue
    • Wet look for inner mouth
    • Wet look and bump for teeth
  • Setup for eye material shaders
    • Wet look for eye rim
    • Three types of highlights
    • Real reflections by raytracing
    • Faked reflections by transparency maps
  • Simple to use
    • Functional interface
    • Each option and group of options can be activated separatedly
    • Most options are controlled by a single value
    • Separate dialog to select material maps
    • Figure type is recognized automatically
    • Script may be kept open while working in Poser and doing test renders
    • No adjustments to the scene lighting required
    • Remembers last used setting
    • Load/save your own settings as presets
  • Included maps
    • 5 nipple bump styles, each with 2 maps for left/right
    • 15 eye reflection transparency maps
    • Option to apply maps mirrored
    • Option to use own maps
  • Many figures supported (see list below)
  • No usage restrictions for created shaders
  • Detailed manual with sample renders included

© 2004-17 by Ralf Sesseler Last update: 01.02.2017 Copyright Impressum