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 D3D Pythons 4: Multi-Object Manager

Version: 1.0
Release: 14.09.2011
System: Poser 6+ (Windows)
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 94 KB)


A Poser scene may consist of several figures and props. Since the Poser user interface only allows to edit one object at once, it may become tedious work if you want to change some properties for several objects. The Multi-Object Manager improves your workflow in Poser by manipulating several figures or actors at once.

The Multi-Object Manager lists all figures, props, control props, deformers, lights, and cameras in a scene and all actors for each figure in a scene. It also shows some basic properties of each actor like the light type or whether an actor is hidden. Most features of the properties and parameters tabs of Poser can be accessed in Multi-Object Manager as well, but for several actors at once. Additional features are to reset parameters or to copy parameters from another actor or figure. It's also possible to delete several objects, to set the parent for several objects, and to conform several figures at once.

The Multi-Object Manager can be run parallel to Poser, you can work in the scene while its window is open. Changes in the scene or by the Multi-Object Manager are synchronized, each change in one is updated in the other.


  • Poser Python script
  • Modify several objects at once:
    • Turn properties on/off: visibility, shadows, smooth polygons, and others
    • Reset values: translation, rotation, scaling, morphs, and others
    • Copy values: translation, rotation, scaling, morphs, and others
    • Add deformers: include figures to magnets of another figure
    • Perform symmetry on figures
    • Set display style
    • Set light type
    • Modify parameters and properties
    • Delete figures and actors
    • Parent figures and actors
    • Conform several figures at once
  • May be kept open while working in the scene
  • Synchronized with changes in the scene
  • Several options to change the layout:
    • Initial position on screen
    • Adjustable width and height of lists
    • Sort figures, actors, or body parts alphabetically or by scene order
    • Always on top


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