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 D3D Pythons 3: Material Set Up

Version: 1.2
Release: 14.09.2011
System: Poser 6+ (Windows), Poser 7+ (Mac)
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 89 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


Working with shader trees in Poser may be time consuming and requires some experience, in particular for advanced effects and for objects that have many materials. The Python scripts in this package will faciliate the set up for ambient occlusion, gather, reflect, refraction, and subsurface scattering.

Insteading of creating nodes in the shader tree, connecting them to the correct input, and maybe even mix them with existing effects, again and again for several materials, you just have to select the materials and enter some parameters when using these scripts. They will do all required changes in the shader tree. Finally, you can use the scripts also to modify parameters for the effects. There are also two scripts to modify quality parameters of materials for selected figures and props in the scene or for selected materials of the current figure or prop. Finally, a script is included to modify the settings of selected lights in the scene at once.

The image above demonstrates the various material effects on the left side, and as comparison the same scene without effects on the right side. The skin uses subsurface scattering and ambient occlusion. The clothes and the water use raytraces reflections, the gems and the water raytraced refraction.


  • 6 Poser Python scripts
  • Material effects:
    • Ambient Occlusion
    • Gather
    • Reflection
    • Refraction
    • Fresnel Refraction
    • Subsurface Scattering
  • Global quality settings:
    • Quality of reflection, refraction, and fresnel
    • Samples of ambient occlusion and gather
    • Texture filtering (Poser 7 and up only)
  • Light control
  • Script features:
    • Create new effect or change existing effect
    • Applicable to several materials at once
    • Presets for effects and material groups
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