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 Content Folder Twins

Version: 1.02
Release: 25.01.2016
System: Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4.0+
DAZ 3D ($ 14.95)
Manual (pdf, 154 KB)

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Content Folder Twins detects double files in the content folders of DAZ Studio and Poser. It either compares files by the file name or relative path, by their content, or both. The content comparison may optionally consider that content files may be compressed, that text files may differ only in whitespaces (spaces, tabs, line ends, carriage returns), that images may be stored in different file formats, and that binary morphs may contain the same morphs in a different order.

There are many reasons, why the same files may exist several times in Poser and DAZ Studio content folders. A product may have been installed twice, either accidentally, or because there is a Poser and a DS version, which share most of the resource files. Geometries are sometimes used in several props, each with own geometry and binary morph file, even if the geometry and the morphs are the same. Texture resources are sometimes used in several products, each time with own file name and folder location. For all these cases, Content Folder Twins will detect double files. Some of these files may be deleted to save disk space.

Poser is known to confuse files that have the same name. Content Folder Twins may search for files with the same name that may cause this kind of problems.

The content comparison is highly optimized to keep time for searches in acceptable limits even for content folders with a very high number of files and large file sizes.


  • stand-alone application for Windows and Mac
  • full Unicode support
  • for Poser (7 and up) and DAZ Studio (3 and up)
  • compares files dependent on file types
    • each Poser content type: scenes, figures, props, etc.
    • other Poser types: binary morphs, collections, web links
    • each DAZ Studio content type: duf, dsf, dsj, daz, dso, dsv, dsi
    • each script type: Poser Python (py, pyc), DAZ Script (ds, dsa, dsb, dse)
    • each meta data type: Poser (xmp), DAZ (dsx)
    • each geometry data type: obj/obz, mtl, rsr
    • images (including rsr thumbnails)
    • several other common types like text, audio, and video
  • comparison modes
    • file name
    • relative path and file name
    • optionally, allow alternate extensions
    • file content
  • content aware comparison (options)
    • decompress compressed files
    • ignore formatting for text files
    • compare binary morphs indepedent of order
    • compare image files independent of file format
  • options for found double files
    • copy file name to clipboard
    • open file with default application
    • open folder with file
    • delete file (uses recycle bin)
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