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 Content Folder Statistics

Version: 1.02
Release: 25.01.2016
System: Poser 7+, DAZ Studio 4.0+
DAZ 3D ($ 9.95)
Manual (pdf, 136 KB)

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Content Folder Statistics creates a detailed statistic for the content folders of DAZ Studio and Poser.

The statistics may be created for all or selected content folders. It includes the number of files as well as the total and average file size. The result is divided by common file types for Poser and DAZ Studio and can be exported in text format.


  • stand-alone application for Windows and Mac
  • full Unicode support
  • for Poser (7 and up) and DAZ Studio (3 and up)
  • detailed statistics of content folders
  • determines number of files, total file size, and average file size
  • result is split by file types
    • each Poser content type: scenes, figures, props, etc.
    • other Poser types: binary morphs, collections, web links
    • each DAZ Studio content type: duf, dsf, dsj, daz, dso, dsv, dsi
    • dsf separate for data, morphs, uvs, tools, and projection templates
    • each thumbnail type: png, rsr
    • each script type: Poser Python (py, pyc), DAZ Script (ds, dsa, dsb, dse)
    • each meta data type: Poser (xmp), DAZ (dsx)
    • each geometry data type: obj/obz, mtl, rsr
    • images: separate for texture folders, HDRI (hdr, exr), and bum
    • several other common types like text, audio, and video
  • shows sums for content folders, file types, and total
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