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 Pin Image Creator

Version: 1.1
Release: 19.10.2005
System: Any Windows (95 - 7)
Application (zip, 444 KB)
Manual (pdf, 222 KB)
Sample (zip, 1003 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


The Pin Image Creator creates pin images as 3D models in obj format or as Poser props from height maps. You might select from several styles for the pins, the pin pattern, and the frame. In addition, the options give you detailed control over many sizing parameters and the number of polygons to create.

Included are 10 height maps together with pin image settings as samples. The manual explains how to render your own height maps from 3D models. You need a 3D application that supports rendering height or depth information. The manual includes some additional hints for users of Poser, Cinema 4D, and Bryce.


  • Windows application to create pin image models
  • Input file format: Windows Bitmap
  • Output file formats: Wavefront obj, Poser prop
  • Load and save settings to file
  • 6 pin patterns
  • 4 pin shapes
  • 2 frame types
  • Many options to control size and number of polygons
  • Batch mode to convert several height maps with the same settings
  • Animation mode to impress the pins
  • 10 sample settings with height maps
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