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 Thumb Renderer for DAZ Studio

Version: 1.01
Release: 25.01.2016
System: Windows / Mac OS X
Required: DAZ Studio 4.0 and up
Renderosity ($ 11.00)
Manual (pdf, 200 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


The Thumb Renderer plugin for DAZ Studio makes it easy to render thumbnails for several content items that should be rendered within the same scene. Examples are material presets for a character, clothing, or hair, or pose presets. But in general, Thumb Renderer can be used with any kind of content that can be loaded from the content library. You just load your scene, add your content files to the file list, set the options, and hit the Render button.

If the scene needs a reset to return to its initial state before each render, this can be done either by using a preset as reset (e.g. a default material or pose) or by reloading the complete scene before each render.

Because the images are intended as thumbnails, the file format for the rendered images is always png and the file name is derived from each content file. However, it is possible to provide an appendix for the filename, so you can render several thumbnails without overwriting or needing to rename the existing images. It is also possible to select an image size, so the same list with content files can be easily rendered again for another thumbnail format.

Optionally, a background image, an image as frame, and an overlay image can be added to all rendered images automatically. These images are resized to the thumbnail size. Included in this product are 12 images as backgrounds, 120 images as frames (5 types of frames/plates, each with two border styles and 12 colors, and 28 text labels (14 labels, each for top or bottom position) (see promo image 2).

The file lists with the content files together with all options can be saved and reloaded, in case you have to redo the thumbnails for whatever reason.

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