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 Content Preview for DAZ Studio

Version: 1.0
Release: 31.07.2015
System: Windows / Mac OS X
Required: DAZ Studio 4.0 and up
Renderosity ($ 9.00)
Manual (pdf, 155 KB)

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Sometimes, you may want to know some more details about what is inside a content or scene file for DAZ Studio without wanting to load it into DAZ Studio. The Content Preview plugin will give you a quick summary for files in the DSON format (extensions duf or dsf). Simply drag'n'drop one or more files from the content library or an external file manager into the preview tab to get a structured summary.

The preview includes information about the file like path, id, version, date, and content type, as well as the contributor details. Depending on the content type, it shows what object it contains, namely DS figures, Poser figures, objects, deformers, lights, and cameras. For each of these, it shows the total number as well as the display name and the url (if any). Also listed are the geometries, materials, images, and uv sets defined in the file, again with the total number and the ids for each item. For pose, character, and other presets, the total number of values and the types of the values are shown. For animations, this includes the frame range. Finally, for scenes and render presets, the basic render settings like renderer and style, render size and type, and frame range are shown. (See the promo images for a scene and a material preset as examples.)


  • Plugin for DAZ Studio 4.5 and higher (Win/Mac)
  • Quick preview for DSON content and scene files
  • Easy to use: drag'n'drop, multiple files
  • Information shown
    • File: path, id, version, content type
    • Contributor: author, email, website
    • Objects: figures, nodes, deformers, lights, cameras
    • Content: geometries, materials, images, uv-sets
    • Values: modifiers, animation
    • Render: engine, style, type, size, frame range
  • Manual included
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