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 Preset Cleaner for DAZ Studio

Version: 1.0
Release: 10.01.2017
System: Windows / Mac OS X
Required: DAZ Studio 4.0 and up
DAZ 3D ($ 14.95)
Manual (pdf, 142 KB)

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When saving a preset in DAZ Studio, it can be tedious to select which parameters to include in the preset and which not. Preset Cleaner is an easy to use alternative to remove parameters that should not be affected by a pose, shape, or material preset. Besides editing a preset directly, it also provides batch processing to clean one or several presets at once based on an existing preset.

Simpy save your preset(s) in DAZ Studio with all parameters, and then use an existing preset to narrow your preset(s) to the same set of parameters.

Preset Cleaner can be used for many different tasks like creating partial poses, removing body translations from a pose, limiting a pose to expression, or separating face and body morphs.


  • Stand-alone application for Windows and Mac
  • Single preset editor
  • Batch processing
  • Works for pose, shape, and material presets
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