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 GenX2 AddOn Gen3 Kids

Version: 1.0
Release: 09.04.2014
System: DAZ Studio 4.5, Windows / Mac
Required: GenX2, V3 and M3 Shapes for Genesis
DAZ 3D ($ 7.95)

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This add-on extends Genesis Generation X2 (GenX2) to the world of the generation 3 kids (aka "Millennium Kids - Young Teens" and "Millennium Kids - Preschoolers"). Now, it's possible to transfer the base shape and all morphs for Laura, Luke, Maddie, and Matt to Genesis and Genesis 2.

With this add-on, the generation 3 kids become available for Genesis and Genesis 2, with all the characters, shapes, and expressions that you have for the original figures. With GenX2, you can transfer all or selected morphs from a supported figure to Genesis or to Genesis 2 male and female. And thanks to the auto follow feature of DAZ Studio, all clothing will also fit these morphs.

Important: The Victoria 3 Poser figure and the V3 and M3 Shapes for Genesis are both required to use this product, because Victoria 3 serves as an intermediary to transfer the base shapes of the generation 3 kids to Genesis and Genesis 2.

Note: Morph transfer to Genesis 2 requires the GenX2 AddOn for Genesis 2.

Note: This product requires Genesis Generation X2, it does not work with version 1 of Genesis Generation X.


  • Add-on for Genesis Generation X2
  • Extends GenX2 to support the following figures:
    • Laura
    • Luke
    • Maddie (aka Madison)
    • Matt
  • Morph transfer to Genesis.
  • Morph transfer to Genesis 2 Male and Female (requires separate add-on).
  • Requires V3 and the V3 clone morph for Genesis.
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