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 UV Map & Edit

Version: 1.1
Release: 24.05.2012
System: Cinema 4D 8+ (Windows), 11+ (Mac)
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Demo Version (zip, 1792 KB)
Manual (pdf, 505 KB)

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Free Upgrade

If you purchased an earlier version of UV Map & Edit, you can download the new demo version and your existing registration key will make it full functional. (You may need to request a new key if you use a different version of Cinema 4D.)


UV Map & Edit is a powerful, yet simple to use solution to do UV mapping and editing inside of Cinema 4D. This plugin consists of three tools. The interactive UV mapper applies standard mapping methods with many control options to an UVW tag. The UVW object allows detailed editing of an UVW tag with the editing tools of Cinema 4D. The UV draw tool draws complete or partial UV maps colored by polygon selections in the picture viewer.

The interactive UV mapper is similar to the built-in UV tool of Cinema 4D, but provides several additional features. It has plane, cube, sphere, and cylinder mappings, each with additional parameters to control the result. When used on an UVW object, the mapping is done for the original object and applied to both, the UVW object and the UVW tag. Thus, the new UV map is shown as a 2D map and on the object itself.

The UVW object is an editable polygon object created from an UVW tag. All changes in point positions of the UVW object are transferred to the original UVW tag. Hence, you can edit the UVW tag with the standard tools of Cinema 4D for editing polygon objects. Real time synchronisation is done by a special tag, that provides several additional tools. Point, edge, and polygon selection and visibility can be transferred between the UVW object and the original object. The weld tool keeps points in the UVW object together that are mapped onto the same point in the original object. The colorize tools show properties of the UV map like the relative size of the mapped polygons or their distortion as colors on the original object. This can be used to optimize the UV map.

With the UV draw tool, you can create texture template images by drawing the UV mapping in the picture viewer. Based on the polygon selection tags, partial and colored UV maps can be drawn. The maps may have lines only or filled polygons.


  • Supported versions
    • Windows: Cinema 4D R8 or higher
    • Windows 64bit: Cinema 4D R11 or higher
    • Mac OS X 32/64bit: Cinema 4D R11 or higher
  • Interactive UV mapper
    • plane, cube, sphere, and cylinder mapping
    • several additional mapping options depending on mapping type
    • interactive change of position, scale, and rotation in editor
    • several 2D placement options
    • real time 3D preview on object
    • real time 2D preview on UVW object
  • UVW object
    • creates editable polygon object from UVW tag
    • changes in UVW object are applied to UVW tag in real time
    • weld tool to prevent holes in UV map
    • divide UV map by selection tags
    • colorize object polygons by UV properties
  • UV draw
    • draws UV map of UVW tag in picture viewer
    • draw partial UV map by selection tags
    • color UV map by selection tags
    • lined and filled UV maps
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