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 D3D Tiles 2 - Pattern

Version: 1.0
Release: 08.06.2010
System: Poser 5+
Content Paradise ($ 2.00)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


The D3D Tiles are tile patterns for Poser. While based on image maps, various parameters like the width of the mortar between the tiles, the width of the beveled edges, the number of repetitions in U and V direction, and the position of the tiles can be adjusted easily.

Each pattern comes in three different materials: ceramic, concrete, and marble. There are 2 to 7 colors for the various tiles in a pattern, which can be changed to create a wide varity of patterns. With some basic knowledge of how the material room works, it is also possible to create other types of materials based on the tile patterns.

Part 2 of the D3D Tiles contains 45 patterns that are mainly based on rectangular shapes. There are patterns with borders, with simple repetitions, and with more complex patterns from rectangles of different sizes.

Also included are eight simple props to apply the materials that can be used as floor or walls. Of course, the tile materials can be used on any other object that has a flat UV-mapping.


  • 135 materials:
    • 45 different patterns
    • 3 materials each: ceramic, concrete, marble
  • configurable materials:
    • all colors
    • size and position of tile pattern
    • mortar width
    • edge bevel width
  • 8 basic props:
    • Arrow
    • Corner
    • Corner (small)
    • Diamond
    • Disc
    • Octagon
    • Rectangle
    • Room corner (with independent material regions for each wall)
  • PDF-manual included

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