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 Dimension 3D Material Collection

Version: 1.0
Release: 24.09.2010
System: Poser 5+
Renderosity ($ 15.00)

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The Dimension 3D Material Collection is a huge collection of procedural materials for Poser 5 and up. It includes materials from a wide range of areas to create realistic images in Poser. All materials from the promo image above are taken from this package (except skin and hair materials).

This collection contains materials for many different types of surfaces like clothing, metal, plastic, rubber, wood, or stone. It also has materials that are not easy to set up correctly for realistic renders like glass and water. Also included are materials for the environment like ground and sky materials or for special effects like weather and visible light sources. Finally, several mathmatical shaders generate patterns that can be used for texturing and displacement or create various toon effects. There are too many materials to name them all here. See the promo images for thumbnails of all materials and the editorial section for a complete list of the materials and included variations.

The materials are kept as simple as possible to allow the user to vary the different properties of each material. Believing that every Poser user can change a plain color in the material room, this collection does not come with endless color variations of the same material, but with over 100 different true materials and shaders. The included manual gives a short description of the materials and lists the parameters that can be changed to vary a material without loosing its character. Please note that these are generic materials, so you may need to do some minor adjustments for some materials like changing the scaling or bump strength to fit a particular object. Also, some materials depend on the UV-mapping, so they won't work for all objects.

The materials from this product are also intended as a starting point to create your own materials. While not being a merchant resource in the strict sense, you are allowed to distribute these own creations, provided that you don't create a material collection product that could be in competition to this product.

All materials are completely procedural, they don't use any image maps. The only exception is the bricks material, where the color of the single bricks can be varied by 5 different random brick patterns. Also included are 6 reflection maps, one generic and 5 for particular scene types. The included Poser Python script can be used to set up reflection maps for single materials, single objects, or complete scenes.

Finally, the collection contains several simple props that are often needed for creating scenes. There are simple planes for ground, walls, backdrops, or special effect layers, sky domes and spheres for sky and ground in outdoor scenes, as well as cube and tube props for inner rooms. For lighting effects, a light bulb with several shaping morphs and a light cone are included, where you can apply the included light materials directly.

To use this product, you should have some basic understanding of the material room. Please note that many of the included materials are described in more detail in part 3 and 4 of my tutorial "The Poser Compendium".


  • 187 material files in total
  • 10 clothing materials
    • denim; plain and with wrinkles
    • fabric; plain and with wrinkles
    • fur; simple and with controls for density and length
    • latex; plain and with wrinkles
    • leather; plain and with wrinkles
    • shoe leather
    • PVC; plain and with wrinkles; opaque and transparent
    • silk; plain and with wrinkles; opaque and transparent
    • velvet; plain and with wrinkles
    • weave; plain and with wrinkles
  • 11 glass materials
    • glass plate
    • glass plate with fresnel effect
    • glass plate with stains
    • glass plate with bump pattern
    • glass plate with color pattern
    • glass plate with tiffany style
    • solid glass (controllable fresnel); without/with correction of refractive index
    • solid glass (fresnel node); without/with correction of refractive index
    • mirror
    • mirror with stains
    • mirror rim
  • 16 plain metal materials
    • aluminum
    • brass
    • bronze
    • bronze patina
    • chrome
    • chrome matt
    • copper
    • copper patina
    • gold
    • rose gold
    • iron
    • platinum
    • rust
    • silver
    • steel
    • stainless steel
  • 13 special metal materials
    • aluminum grate; horizontal and diagonal
    • aluminum with lines; X/Y/Z direction
    • bronze with bumps
    • iron with scratches
    • iron with bumps
    • embossed iron
    • iron with pattern
    • iron with profile
    • iron with profile and scratches
    • iron with rust stains
    • old iron with rust stains
    • old rusty iron
    • tin foil
  • 14 stone materials
    • rough bricks; without/with random pattern
    • shiny bricks; without/with random pattern
    • concrete
    • gem
    • 2 marble
    • 4 plaster
    • old plaster
    • stone
    • tiles
    • marble tiles
  • 3 wood materials
    • wood; X/Y/Z direction; light/medium/dark/red
    • parquet; XY/XZ/YZ direction
    • planks; XU/XV/YU/YV/ZU/ZV direction
  • 7 various materials
    • amber
    • car paint
    • enamel
    • nylon
    • pearl
    • plastic; dull, shiny, transparent
    • rubber
  • 4 water materials
    • generic
    • bath tub
    • pool
    • lake
  • 5 ground materials
    • asphalt; dry and wet
    • sand
    • snow
    • carpet
    • lava
  • 8 sky materials
    • day
    • day with clouds
    • day with dark clouds
    • day with stretched clouds
    • night with stars
    • night with clouds
    • night with dark clouds
    • night with stretched clouds
    • each in 2 versions: dependent on UV-mapping and dependent on absolute height
  • 8 light materials
    • glowing light bulb
    • glass for clear light bulb
    • glass for white light bulb
    • glow for clear light bulb
    • glow for white light bulb
    • light cone
    • light beam
    • ghost
  • 6 weather effect materials
    • fog
    • stretched fog
    • haze
    • smoke
    • rain
    • snow
  • 4 pattern shaders
    • crossing lines; controllable width and directions
    • net pattern; controllable width and angle; 2 colors, 4 colors
    • stripes; controllable width and angle; 2 colors, 4 colors, saw-tooth gradient, sine gradient
    • waves; controllable width and height
  • 6 displacement shaders
    • single ramp; positive/negative U/V direction
    • small ramps; positive/negative U/V direction
    • spheres
    • spikes
    • steps; positive/negative U/V direction
    • wave; U/V direction
  • 5 toon shaders
    • toon with 2 shades; hard, soft, and soft with outline
    • toon with 3 shades; hard and soft
    • toon with 4 shades; hard and soft
    • toon with n shades
    • toon outline; hard and soft
  • 14 props
    • effect layer: large single rect
    • backdrop: ground and background rect
    • cube: large cube with sides facing inwards
    • dome: ground with sky dome; two different UV mappings
    • sphere: sphere for ground and sky; two different UV mappings
    • tube: large tube with sides facing inwards
    • glass rect: rect prop for glass plates or mirrors
    • glass round: round prop for glass plates or mirrors
    • light bulb: bulb with several morphs
    • light glow: sphere aura inside of light bulb
    • light cone: cone to fake light cones
    • room cube: cube with sides facing inwards
    • room floor: horizontal rect
    • room wall: vertical rect
  • 6 reflection maps
    • generic
    • room
    • factory
    • desert
    • grassland
    • lake
  • Python script to set up reflection maps (requires Poser 6 or up)
  • manual included

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