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 Unimesh 2nd Skins: Bodysuits

Version: 1.0
Release: 02.08.2005
System: Poser 4+
Required: 2nd Skin
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 154 KB)
Free Sample (zip, 816 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


This is a large collection of bodysuits and a template set for a wide variety of even more bodysuits for the DAZ Unimesh characters. There are two main styles of bodysuits, one with and one without legs. For both styles, there are many different variations in shape and pattern. Included are image maps for 20 different shapes, each with one plain semi-transparent and with one patterned texture. The plain transparency maps and the bump maps are PNG images, the patterned transparency and texture maps are JPG. The templates are Photoshop images (PSD). All images have a size of 2500x3333.

The textures are optimized for Victoria 3 without morphs. With morphs and on other figures with the Unimesh UV-mapping, there might be small distortions in some regions. Image 2 and 3 show samples on Stephanie 3, Victoria 3, and Aiko 3 (from left to right).

You can use the included image maps as follows (see manual for details):

  1. As an overlay in a graphics application.
  2. As an overlay in Poser (version 5 and higher only).
  3. As textures for a second skin clothing (MAT poses included, reqires 2nd Skin application).

The templates have separate layers for cloth, borders, strings, and seams. Bodysuit 1 (with legs) has 3 tops, 1 bottom, and 5 kinds of holes. You can also use pants and tops separate. Bodysuit 2 (without legs) has 3 tops, 3 bottoms, and 3 kinds of holes. You can combine tops, bottoms, and holes in many different ways and use them with different patterns for transparency or texture. You need a graphics application that can open PSD files and that can work with layers and masks to use the templates. And you should have some experience in using layers and masks to create your own textures based on the templates.

Also included are 5 bodysuit patterns: a small and a large net pattern, a quadrangular and a hexagonal hole pattern, and one with dots. These pattern images are not simple tiling patterns, but adapted to the UV-mapping of the Unimesh for a more natural look. They are seamless except for the following borders, where bodysuits usually have seams: back, inner legs, upper arms, and between body and arms.

You may use this product as a merchant resource with the usual restrictions (see "usage rights" in the manual for details).


  • 65 texture images
    • 5 JPG texture maps
    • 16 JPG transparency maps
    • 24 PNG transparency maps
    • 20 PNG bump maps
    • size: 2500x3333
  • 2 PSD template images
    • each with many combinations for different clothings
    • each with layers for cloth, borders, seams, and strings
    • size: 2500x3333
  • 5 PNG pattern images
    • 2 net patterns: small and large
    • 2 hole patterns: hexagonal and quadrangular
    • 1 dot pattern
    • adapted to UV-mapping of Unimesh
  • 50 material poses (for 2nd Skin)
    • 8 bodysuits with legs
    • 6 bodysuits without legs
    • 3 pants
    • 3 tops
    • each 1 with plain transparency and 1 with pattern
    • 10 poses to change color
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