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 Jewelry Construction Kit: Rings & Studs

Version: 1.01
Release: 28.08.2004
System: Poser 4+
no longer available

Manual (pdf, 230 KB)
Free Sample (zip, 355 KB)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


The Jewelry Construction Kit (JCK) is a set of jewelry props that may be combined to a wide variety of different ornaments. It is divided into several parts, each with its own main theme. All parts of the JCK share a mutual system of combining jewelry and attachments and of placing them on the body. Thus, the JCK gives you manifold ways to adorn your Poser beauties with jewelry.

This part of the JCK contains different rings, earrings, and studs together with lots of gems to attach to them. Poses are included to place the jewelry on five characters: Vicki 2, Vicki 3, Steph 3, Judy, and Posette 4.

Just by combining the jewelry props with the attachments, you get over 1000 different combinations. Together with the JCK Pendants & Buttons set, this will be even more than 5000 jewelry items. And each of these may still be used with different materials.

A detailed manual is included on how to use the JCK with different versions of Poser. Since combining and posing of props is not well suited in Poser, the JCK contains a Windows application to create combined jewelry smart props for a specific character outside of Poser.


  • 79 Props
    • 24 Ring props (+10 morphs) (+3 mirrored)
    • 12 Earring props (+21 morphs) (+3 mirrored)
    • 4 Stud props
    • 3 Hook props
    • 36 Attachment props (+1 mirrored): 7 Buttons, 11 Jewels, 18 Polygon Gems
  • 187 Poses for placement (18x2x5 + 7)
    • 6 Ring poses: 5 fingers, 1 toe
    • 4 Earring poses: 3 lobe, 1 conch
    • 8 Stud poses: 5 ear, 1 nose, 2 mouth
    • each for left/right
    • each for 5 characters: Victoria 2, Victoria 3, Stephanie 3 Petite, Judy, Posette 4
    • 7 Poses for relative placement
  • 1 Python script for the convenient selection and combination of props and placement by a pose in one step. (Poser 4 Pro Pack and Poser 5 only)
  • 1 Windows program that creates a new prop file by combining jewelry props and applying a pose for placement.
  • 35 Materials (Poser 5):
    • 12 Metals
    • 9 Coloured Metals
    • 14 Jewels
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