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 Picture Frames

Version: 1.0
Release: 04.03.2014
System: Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 4.5+
Renderosity ($ 9.75)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


This is a construction kit for pictures and mirrors, which contains separate versions for Poser and DAZ Studio. It provides a picture/mirror in square, diamond, and round shape together with a fitting mat for each, 50 frames, and several accessory props like clips and stands.

There are 16 different frame styles, each in square, diamond, and round shape, and a frame with round corners for the square and diamond shape. All frames include morphs to change the width of the frame border and the aspect ratio without distorting the border like scaling would do. Thus, the frames can be used in almost any size and aspect ratio. Some frames also include morphs to vary the shape of the frame.

Also included are materials for mirrors, glass, and several types of frames. Each material only comes in a single color, but different colors can be set up easily.


  • Poser version (requires Poser 6 or up)
  • DAZ Studio version (requires DAZ Studio 4.5 or up)
  • Included props
    • 3 pictures/mirrors: square, diamond, round
    • 3 photo mats: square, diamond, round
    • 17 square frames: 5 classic, 6 modern, 6 simple
    • 17 diamond frames: 5 classic, 6 modern, 6 simple
    • 16 round frames: 5 classic, 6 modern, 5 simple
    • 4 clips: for frameless pictures/mirrors
    • 2 corners: for frameless pictures/mirrors
    • 3 cords with nail: for pictures/mirrors hanging on a wall
    • 5 stands: for standing pictures/mirrors
  • Included materials
    • 3 metal frames: aluminum, brass, bronze
    • 3 finish frames: finish, gold, shiny
    • 3 plastic frames: plastic, shiny, transparent
    • 3 wood frames: wood, finish, raw
    • 1 paper material
    • 1 cord material
    • 1 "home sweet home" sign
    • 9 mirror materials: pure mirror, dirt effects, painted-on frames
    • 6 glass materials: pure mirror, dirt effects, painted-on frames
    • 1 painted-on frame material
    • 1 glass border material
  • PDF manual included
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