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 MIDI Piano

Version: 1.0
Release: 14.11.2006
System: Poser 4+
Content Paradise ($ 4.00)

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This detailed piano has a posable keyboard. All keys and pedals can be pressed and released. With the included Windows application, you can create animated poses for the keys and pedals from standard MIDI files.

The flap of the piano can be opened and closed. The columns below the keyboard can be made transparent for a more modern look. The bench has a control to adjust the height of the seat including the mechanics and a morph to sit down. All posable parts of the piano and the bench can be controlled by dials in the body actor. The dials for the keys are grouped by octaves.

Note: This product may also be used in Poser 4, Pro Pack, and DAZ Studio, but with some limitations. The materials will be simpler. Poser 4 and ProPack don't support dial groups. For Poser 4, textures have to be converted from PNG to JPG or TIFF.


  • 2 Poser figures:
    • Piano (13926 polygons)
    • Piano Bench (3058 polygons)
  • Control dials in body actor:
    • each key, grouped by octaves
    • pedals
    • open flap
    • seat height (bench)
    • sit morph (bench)
  • Windows application to create animated key poses from standard MIDI files.

Keyboard Animation

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