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 Distorting Mirrors

Version: 1.0
Release: 04.03.2014
System: Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 4.5+
Renderosity ($ 15.00)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


This set consists of a wide variety of deforming mirrors and contains separate versions for Poser and DAZ Studio. There are three mirror shapes: square, diamond, and round. The props can be scaled horizontally or vertically for other aspect ratios. Besides using these props as fun mirrors with distortions, they can also be used on other occasions where mathematically curved surfaces add interest to an image.

All mirrors are initially plane and are turned into deforming mirrors by morphs and deformers. Because different morphs and deformers may be combined, this results in almost endless options for interesting distortion effects or curved surfaces.

A magnet / D-Former provides a bell shaped deformation. The Poser props also have three wave deformers, one for horizontal, vertical, and radial sinus or triangle waves each. These are the standard deformers, but set up to fit the props and with adjusted dials for ease of use.

More than 30 morphs for sinus, power, hyperbolic, spheric, and bell shapes each in vertical, horizontal, and radial direction are available. The exact number of morphs depends on the shape of each prop. All morphs are strictly linear, i.e. the morph value changes the curve only by stretching it in the z direction.

The mirror props in this product have the same size as the picture props in my Picture Frames product and hence are fully compatible with those frames.


  • Poser version (requires Poser 6 or up)
  • DAZ Studio version (requires DAZ Studio 4.5 or up)
  • Mirror props
    • 3 hi-poly props for vertical and horizontal deformations: Square, Diamond, Round
    • 3 low-poly props for vertical deformations only: Square, Diamond, Round
    • 1 prop for radial deformations: Round
    • 1 D-Former prop (DAZ Studio only)
    • several props with deformers only or selected morphs only (Poser only)
  • Mirror deformers
    • 1 magnet (Poser) / D-Former (DAZ Studio)
    • 3 waves: horizontal, vertical, radial (Poser only)
  • Mirror morphs (if applicable to shape)
    • Generic
      • 1 depth: mirror depth (without stretching the shape like scaling does)
      • 4 stretch: stretch the mesh internal in x and y direction
    • Vertical / Horizontal / Radial
      • 6 sinus wave: 2/3/4/5 waves, sinus power 2, sinus power 3
      • 5 sinus hill: 1/2/3/4/5 hills
      • 5 sinus spike: 1/2/3/4/5 spikes
      • 4 power: power 2/3/4/5
      • 4 hyperbolic
      • 4 circular
      • 5 bell
    • Vertical
      • 4 power (asymmetric): power 2/3/4/5
      • 1 exponential (asymmetric)
    • Square
      • 5 bump: 1/2/3/4/5 rows/columns
    • Radial
      • 2 additional sinus hills
      • 1 hemisphere
  • Materials
    • 9 mirror materials: pure mirror, dirt effects, painted-on frames
    • 6 glass materials: pure mirror, dirt effects, painted-on frames
    • 1 painted-on frame material
    • 1 glass border material
  • PDF manual included
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