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 Well Formed: Body Morphs for Terai Yuki 2

Version: 1.0
Release: 31.03.2006
System: Poser 4+
Required: Terai Yuki 2
Content Paradise ($ 10.00)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


Add some variation to the body shape of Terai Yuki 2. With these 45 body morphs for Terai Yuki 2, you can give her body an individual look. There are morphs for almost every part of her body: arms, shoulder, breast, belly, hip, buttock, legs, and feet.


  • 45 body morphs for Terai Yuki 2:
    • 4 Arm: Shoulder Small, Upper Arm Full, Foream Full, Nails Long
    • 10 Breast: Natural, Small, Large, Cone, Diameter, Hang, Lift, Rotate Up, Sqeeze, Position Down
    • 2 Nipple: Big, Out
    • 5 Belly: Waist Narrow, Chest Wide, Belly Out, Tummy In, Back In
    • 4 Navel: Round, Shape, Up, Inside Flat
    • 3 Hip: Round, Small, Genital Crease
    • 3 Buttock: Large, Round, Smooth
    • 3 Thigh: Full, Small In, Small Out
    • 2 Knee: Round, Wide
    • 2 Shin: Shin Full, Calf Bulge
    • 3 Foot: Small, Short, Arch
    • 4 Clothing: Spandex Chest, Spandex Buttock, No Navel, No Genital
  • Breast morphs can be controlled left/right separate and both sides together.
  • Several morphs will also work with negative values for reverse effect.
  • Easy to use morph injections.
    • Classical morph injection for Poser 4 and 5.
    • Binary morph injection for Poser 6 and up.
    • Injection and remove pose.
    • Injection pose creates and groups full body dials.
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