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 Well Formed: Face Morphs for Sydney and Olivia

Version: 1.0
Release: 19.12.2006
System: Poser 6+
Required: Sydney, Olivia
Content Paradise ($ 9.00)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


Get some new faces for Sydney. With these 84 face morphs for Sydney, you can give her face an individual look. The image above shows an example using several morphs. While built for Sydney, these morphs also work with Olivia.


  • 84 face morphs for Sydney and Olivia:
    • 12 Face: Small, Wide, Short, Long, Flat, Round, Strong, Heart, Nice, Cute, Skull Alien, Skull Egg
    • 11 Lower Face: Temples In, Cheek Bones, Cheek Round, Cheek Full, Cheek Balloon, Jaw Wide, Jaw Small, Chin Pointed, Chin Back, Chin Long, Chin Cleft
    • 14 Eyes: In, Down, Deep, Large, Small, Slant, Almond, Out Up, In Up, Brows Soft, Brows Strong, Lashes Top Long, Lashes Top Pointed, Lashes Bottom Long
    • 4 Ears: Large, Conch Out, Lobe Long, Elf
    • 17 Nose: Up, Long, Wide, Bridge Wide, Bump, Flat, Small, Bridge Small, Top Small, Slope, Tiny, Flare, Piggy, Side Up, Tip Up, Tip Long, Tip Small
    • 5 Mouth: Narrow, Wide, Down, Snarl L/R, Philtrum Small
    • 8 Lips: Upper Even, Upper Round, Upper Full, Lower Full, Upper Thin, Lower Thin, Upper Pout, Lower Pout
    • 7 Tongue: Small, Thin, Fork, Tip Up, Tip Down, Tip Left, Tip Right
    • 6 Teeth: Fangs for three middle teeth up and low
  • Easy to use binary morph injection.
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