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 TightFit Bikini for G2 Females

Version: 1.0
Release: 07.10.2008
System: Poser 6+
Required: Sydney G2, Jessi G2, Olivia G2
Content Paradise ($ 6.00)

Images (Click to Enlarge)


This stylish bikini for the G2 females Sydney, Jessi, and Olivia comes with a special feature for additional realism. By combining morphs in the bikini and a displacement map for the body material of the G2 figure, the bikini strings can deform the body of the figure in a natural way. This tight fit feature is easy to use, after setting the morphs in the bikini, all you have to do is to run a Python script, which will apply the correct displacement settings according to the morph values. You can even control the amount of tight fit independently for the bikini bottom, the breast, the back string and the neck string. Also, the tight fit feature will still work when changing the shape of the figure by morphs.

The bikini includes all morphs from the G2 females plus all the morphs from Well Formed: Body Morphs for G2 Females as applicable. Finally, there are 8 complete material sets and 11 single materials included to vary the look of the bikini.


  • Bikini figure:
    • Stylish bikini for G2 females
    • Crosstalk and non-crosstalk version
    • Version with and without morphs fitting Well Formed: Body Morphs for G2 Females
    • Included G2 female morphs: Endomorph, Ectomorph, Mesomorph, BreastsNatural, NoNipples
    • All Well Formed body morphs included as applicable
  • Tight fit:
    • Morphs to control the amount of tight fit
    • Separate morphs for bottom, breast, neck, and back
    • Displacement maps to adjust the G2 body to the tight fit morphs
    • Python script to automatically set up the displacement (requires Poser 6 or up)
  • Materials:
    • 8 full material sets
    • 2 materials to hide the ladder strings in the bikini bottom and top
    • 11 single materials
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