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 Hot Outfit for G2 Females

Version: 1.0
Release: 26.01.2007
System: Poser 6+
Required: Sydney G2, Jessi G2, Olivia G2
Content Paradise ($ 6.00)

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Sydney looks really hot in her new outfit: a short skirt, a sexy top, and a string panty. She can wear this outfit in cool latex, hot leather, or elegant velvet. The buttons come in brass or chrome, with or without star relief. And Jessi G2 and Olivia G2 can wear this outfit as well.

There are two versions of the skirt, one conforming and one semi-conforming. The conforming skirt fits to the leg pose of Sydney, but the front and back part of the skirt behave as if they are fixed together. For the semi-conforming skirt, only the hip fits to Sydney while the front and back can be posed separately for a more realistic behavior of the skirt. (The semi-conforming skirt requires Poser 7.)

All materials use shader nodes instead of image textures, all colors can be changed in the material room.


  • Conforming Clothing
    • conforming skirt
    • semi-conforming skirt
    • top
    • panty
  • Morphs (for all clothing as applicable)
    • G2 morphs: Ectomorph, Endomorph, Mesomorph, BreastsNatural
    • all morphs of Well Formed: Body Morphs for G2 Females
    • two figures for each clothing, one with Sydney morphs only, and one with all morphs
  • Material Sets
    • latex
    • latex with transparent ovals
    • leather
    • leather with heart
    • velvet
    • velvet with fire pattern
    • brass buttons
    • brass buttons with stars relief
    • chrome buttons
    • chrome buttons with star relief
    • all colors can be changed in material room
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